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Aroganam Business consultancy(ABC) is a business consultancy company to take care of your business and implementations. We are providing the business plans, investment ideas, business management and business promotions for you in the best way.

We are specialized in Accounts, Compliances(PF, ESI, TDS, GST, PT and others), HR Management(Recruitment, Employee Management, Client Management, Policy Management, etc.,) General Operations(All Non-Technical processes like Office Setup, Basic needs for Office premises etc.,).

Also ABC is doing for Company registrations(PVT LTD, LLP, Proprietorship etc.,), Trademark and Copyrights for your products, Payment Gateway for your revenue with best security systems and content writing for your business websites. Also ABC is helping you for corporate email account creations for you with the best price.

Ramesh Subburaj


About the Proprietor of ABC:

Mr. Ramesh Subburaj is the founder and Proprietor of ABC. He is a Postgraduate and 17+ years of experience in different companies with different industries. He has an experience with IT Industries, Educations, Matrimonial Services, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries, Designing Companies, Online Books services, Healthcare.

Currently he is running the company(ABC) for business management in all aspects. He is working in different companies in different roles.

Location :Bangalore, India
Phone :+91 9791036735
Email :sgramesh1980@gmail.com
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Aroganam Business Consultancy
Chennai, Bangalore(India)
Szigony Technologies Pvt Ltd
Limitscale Technologies Pvt Ltd
Thinroot Software Pvt Ltd
Chennai, Bangalore(India)
Match and Marriage.com
India & Singapore
Developer Factory Systems LLP
OneUX Creative Solutions LLP
Greendata Solutions Pte Ltd
Blasa Food Products Pvt Ltd
GoOlden Books.com
Business Consultant
Crodle AI Limited


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  • Accounts & Compliances

    GST, PF, ESI, Gratuity & Professional Tax, Payroll, Tax Payments, Overall accounts, Asset and AGM.

  • HR

    Posting a job for requirement and fulfill the employer needs. Advice the HR policies, Offer letter, Appraisal letter, Relieving order, Termination letter and other policy reports preparation.

  • Operations

    Consultation for office management aspects such compliant resolution with regard to ambience, work facilities, and so on.

  • Promotions

    Promotional services for organisations through social media, on matters related to brand; new additions or incremental features; management decisions; and so on

  • Registration

    Based on the business proposal, advice the company registration type like Proprietorship, LLP, Private Limited, Partnership. Also help for GST Registration, Gratuity Registration PF, ESI, Professional TAX, Shops & Establishment certificate, DIN & DSC registration and TAN registration.

  • Trademark

    Nowadays Trademark is very important for all business. Im supporting for registration of Trademark symbols/words for organisations.

  • Payment Gateways

    Now online business and online marketing is on trend. But, choose the secure payment gateway is very important to improve your business with high level of security. I'm with you for getting Payment Gateway with secure layer.

  • Content Writing

    You need content for your manual, website and other business technical and non-technical documents? Im here to work with you for quality content writing for both Technical and non-technical.


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